Often overlooked, a comprehensive bike fitting is a means of optimizing your overall performance, safety and longevity in our sport; whatever your motivation or goal may be, there are few more worthwhile and beneficial ways to achieve that ultimate connection between man and machine.

Investing the time and consideration for a thorough and comprehensive fitting from an experienced professional can deliver the performance, control, comfort and enjoyment that may be hiding in your current ride if you have not already done so. For a new bike, this is a must!

Two Wheeler Dealer offers comprehensive professional bike fitting sessions.

Problem solving is another area that can be addressed by a proper analysis of the correct size frame, components and application to your riding style, physique and discipline. Aches and pains do not have to be a “given” to ride a bike and it can often lead to muscle joint damage when not diagnosed or ignored.

Cycling is recognized as a “low-impact” form of exercise, but with the consistent and repetitive nature of pedaling motion, issues related to joint flexion like knees / hips or ankles can arise when saddle height, fore/ aft saddle position, cleat placement or the forward reach to the handlebars are not correct.


Many of the major bike brands have taken all of the above points a step further for women’s frame designs. A woman often has longer legs than those of a man of the same height. A shorter torso necessitates a shorter top-tube and different frame angles. From the components side, narrower handlebars with less drop, wider saddles that match a woman’s wider pelvis and shorter stems are items that are studied and addressed with relationship to the desired riding position.


Special applications to accommodate legs of different lengths, range-of-motion issues, previous injuries or specific positions required by triathletes for that “total performance efficiency” that greatly improves overall energy conservation can also be addressed.

For those that have been off the bike for a while and your faithful mount is not as "accommodating" as it was “back in the day” — our bodies change as we age; comfort may now be more important than the racer silhouette that we once emulated. Whatever the objective, there is always a solution.

We look forward to the opportunity to discuss any or all of the above.

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All fitting sessions include one follow-up assessment.


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